April 17, 2020

Who are we and why did we establish Researchable?

Researchable is a software development company founded in 2018 with the idea of supporting scientific research with tailored made software. Because of our academic expertise, we are not like any other software company. Today, we use this expertise to develop software to support research, businesses and startups with the belief that every project team should have their on-site computer scientists. The scientific approach has given us knowledge about data science and complex software engineering techniques such as machine learning and scalable applications. Our team currently consists of six people and we are growing rapidly.

What are we good at?

We develop tailor made software applications for research and business purposes. We are involved in very diverse projects, which vary from the development of data platforms to building automated analysis tools (machine learning solutions). Since our establishment we have gained a lot of experience in both science and technology. We carry out software development projects for the University of Leiden, the UMCG, and even the Dutch Special Forces.

Who do we make software for?

  • Researchers & research institutes: We support research by automating the tedious tasks often involved in research. We help researchers to maintain their focus and to be bothered as little as possible. We support research by setting up and scale new and existing research. We develop the necessary infrastructure to collect data on a large scale and help with the valorisation of the research results.

  • Businesses: For companies we develop B2B IT solutions and make use of our scientific expertise. We develop automated data applications and pipelines, business intelligence outcomes, machine learning solutions, and other data platforms for commercial purposes. What we do varies heavily, as each solution is tailor-made and specific to the needs of our client.

  • Startups: For startups we can contribute with the knowledge and expertise we have. For example, we can help develop the POC (Proof-of-Concept) and build the required infrastructure and software to support your innovation.

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Eduard van Pagée

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