The I-SHARED project is a research project that focuses on the shared decision making between patient and clinician within the psychiatry department of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The focus within the project is on the development of an instrument that supports the choice of treatment for depression. The I-SHARED instrument uses various socio-demographic and clinical data to provide a personalised overview of possible treatments.

The challenge

In the Netherlands, 5% of people suffer from depression each year. Several treatments for depression are currently available, with treatment outcome varying per patient. We know that some patient characteristics (e.g. age, severity of illness, history of illness, support from the environment) can influence the treatment outcome. The challenge within this project was how to combine this data into a fitting machine learning model that then automatically generates a personalized report which the patient and practitioner could use to choose the treatment plan.

The solution developed by Researchable

Researchable contributed to the development of a machine learning-based decision making tool. In addition, Researchable delivered a microservice architecture structure for the generation of visualizations and reports for patients and practitioners. Based on these personalized reports, the practitioner and the patient enter into a dialogue to determine what could be the best treatment.

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