U-can-act is a scientific research project that focuses on the effectiveness of methods to reduce early school leaving in vocational schools. The research group behind the U-can-act project wanted to give insights into the individual processes of school drop-out since current scientific research mainly only focuses on group risk factors.

The challenge

The ultimate goal of this project is to help as many young people as possible to obtain their starting qualification. The researchers behind this project expect to achieve this by writing several scientific publications and a new handbook on early school leaving. In order to provide insight in what are crucial developments for young people to leave school early and how this can be prevented in practice, much data is needed from supervisors and students in vocational schools. In order to do this, the choice was made to collect data from both the supervisors and students on a weekly basis. The challenge for the researchers within this project was how they could collect this data on a weekly basis over a period of six months.

The solution developed by Researchable

Researchable has helped in the development of an application and a questionnaire system for the automated collection of data. The application makes it possible to automatically send weekly invitations to the students to fill in questionnaires. Within 36 weeks more than 7000 questionnaires were filled in and the research has been a succes because of the developed software.

The project can be found at u-can-act.nl and the questionnaire system has been released open source on github.

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