How we deal with data

Data is important, and so is the security thereof. At Researchable we aim to keep your data as safe as possible and make sure privacy of you and your customers is protected. While we do our best to safeguard this internally, we also need your corporation in this. That is, to provide optimal protection to your data, we need you to adhere to number of things:

  • Only share data that belongs to you, or for which you have the right to share: make sure that data that you want to share with us is either your property, or that you have been given the right to share this data with us. Note that this also applies to data you received from Researchable. Always double check that its is ok to share this information with others.
  • Share files with us in a secure way: many people consider emailing a secure way to transport data, but beware, it’s not. If you want to share data with us that is confidential or sensitive in any way, please use a secure method of transportation, e.g., Tresorit Send (see below for a description).
  • Don’t share personal information over insecure channels: sometimes it happens that we need to debug an issue for a client of yours, and you’d like to share the email address so we know which person we have to help. If you do so, make sure you use a secure way of transferring this information to us, e.g., by using Tresorit Send, or by sharing a note in LastPass.
  • Report incidents: if you encounter a bug or issue in the system that we built for you, or in anything else related to Researchable (e.g., unprotected access to any of our offices), report this to us as soon as possible so we can mitigate the impact. Examples of information security incidents include:
    • Loss of a (mobile) device or data carrier;
    • Malfunctioning security measure (such as a lock or alarm);
    • Malfunctioning hardware or software;
    • Data leak or breach of confidentiality;
    • Breach of Policies or guidelines;
    • Access violations.

With these precautions in mind, we aim to give you and your clients the best possible data protection. If you have any questions or comments about this process, please contact us!

Sharing data using Tresorit send

Sending data with Tresorit is simple, and we tried to layout the process in this document

  1. Go to
  2. Drag all the files on the circled plus sign on the left side of the screen.
  3. Add a ‘from’ email address in the first box
  4. Select ‘Protect link with password’, and add a (randomly generated) complicated password.
  5. Click the ‘Create secure link’ button, and copy-paste the link in an email to us (if you don’t know the email address, send it to
  6. Send the password using a different channel, that is, not using email, but rather using a Slack, whatsapp message, or text message. If you don’t have a phone number to share it with, share it with +31640775483 and we’ll make sure that the password gets delivered to the right person.

In case you have any questions about this procedure, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to help you out.