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Software Development & Data Engineering

We help scientists and innovative companies to use large amounts of data for better results and data driven innovations. Researchable is a knowledge intensive partner that helps to come up with innovative data and software solutions and a successful implementation.

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Software Development & Data Engineering

With agile methodologies we develop tailor-made scalable data platforms, tools and real time dashboards. We are experienced in the development of data-intensive software applications and experts in selecting the right software architecture, tools and data security measures.

Automatic Data Collection

Interesting insights often come from combining different data sources from different systems. In order to automatically collect (real-time) data from different systems, it is necessary to establish a solid architectural basis.

Data Analysis

Getting new insights from data is where added value is created. We can help recognise patterns in data and predict with advanced algorithms when events will take place. Automatically analysing data and providing clear understandable insights fosters new innovations and business control.


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Tailor-made software for science and innovative businesses

Researchable helps scientists and businesses to invent and develop innovative software applications. In most of the software applications we develop, dealing with large amounts of data is important and therefore our team consists of a combination of software developers and data engineers.