Science and Researchable

Researchable's mission is to improve scientific research and help researchers to spend their time on the things they are good at; performing research. By automating the tedious tasks often involved in science, we help researchers to maintain their focus and to be bothered as little as possible.

Although automation is necessary in order to perform large scale research, it is usually impossible for small project teams to have their own on site computer scientists. Researchable aims to fill this gap and provide project teams with the missing link between science and technology.

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What we do

Researchable helps with two main aspects of research: starting up and valorisation. Firstly we help with setting up research projects. We help with the development of the supporting infrastructure or any tools that might be needed to run your research. Secondly we help with the valorisation of research results, by setting up the technical infrastructure and developing the applications to bring your research from proof of concept to production ready software.

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Open Source and Researchable

Most of Researchable's projects end up as open source software under the MIT license. This means that other researchers can benefit from our software for their own projects.

Cloud and Researchable

All products we maintain and host for our clients are hosted on cloud servers to ensure high availability and scalability. Several state-of-the-art technologies are used to keep your software online. For example, some of our main cloud providers are Heroku, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean, famous for their scalable and highly available infrastructures.

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Our clients

University of Leiden
University of Groningen

Our projects

Most of the projects Researchable works on are tailor made implementations, tailored to the needs of the client. Below you'll find an overview of several projects we've been working on. Our open source projects can be found on our gitlab page.