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Through combining software development, data analysis and scientific perspective, we have become and analytical and proactive partner for your software development. In a world of big data it is crucial to leverage data for societal challenges and performance.


Software Development & Data Engineering

We have a great passion for tailor-made software development and help innovative companies and science to realise innovations. From getting the idea right to transforming it into a scalable and secure application that makes processes better. Most of the software applications we develop are tailor-made data platforms, web applications and data analysis tools.

I would definitely recommend Researchable for their scientific background. The proactive approach to finding solutions, the critical attitude and the true partnership have led to the success of our large data platform!
Auke Damstra -
Managing Director Sport Data Valley

Scrum & Informatie beveiliging

We always develop software in an iterative way because, in our opinion, this is the only right way to develop software. The Scrum method we use makes us deliver a piece of working software at the end of each sprint. We therefore ensure that the development is always in line with the client by working iteratively. Information security is included at all times and therefore we are also ISO 27001 certified.


Automatic Data Collection

In order to collect large amounts of data it is important to built a data pipeline. A data pipeline brings raw data from different data sources together in one central location. Depending on the project, integrations are often required with for example public data sources, applications, systems, processes, sensors, questionnaires and databases. We have gained a lot of experience from science on how to process data from different data sources on a large scale.

Data Analysis

By using machine learning, statistics and time-series analysis, for example, we can recognise patterns and generate predictive values. By extracting new insights from data, you can gain new scientific insights, generate new business models and offer personalised services and reports to end users. Because we have years of experience in the research world, we always work with the latest pioneering techniques.

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