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Automation and data-driven products are a solution for many organisational and societal problems. However, many organisations struggle with building data-driven solutions. We believe that this is unnecessary. Our approach is human-centric and focused on true partnerships with clients while developing software and data-driven solutions.

Software Development

We have vast experience in the development of scalable web applications and platforms. You can hire us to work with your development team, but we can also develop your entire data platform or application and take the hassle off your hands.

Data engineering

To realise data innovations, it is necessary to collect and store data in the most suitable way. Furthermore, data must be easily available for data analyses. Our team helps organisations with the automatic collection of data, structured storage of data, and the ingegration and unlocking of systems and other data sources.

Data Science

Real value from data only comes from analysing it and then giving it back to end-users and stakeholders in a user-friendly way. Researchable has extensive experience in analysing data using statistical analyses and techniques such as machine learning.

Our Technology Stack

Here you find the technologies we're typically using in projects. It's a combination of programming languages, frameworks, databases, front-end tools and back-end tools.

I would highly recommend Researchable for their scientific background. Their proactive attitude and technical know-how has led to the success of our data platform.
Auke Damstra -
Managing Director Sport Data Valley

ISO27001 Certified

Researchable is ISO27001 certified because we care about data and take information security serious. This certification ensures that information security is structurally included in the development process. Secure applications make everyone happy.

Agile & Scrum

We believe that the only right way to develop software is in an iterative way. By working with the scrum method, we can incorporate continuous feedback at every development stage and make sure what we built is always in line with our client.

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