Sport Data Valley

Fragmentation of Sports Research

Sport Data Valley is the largest national data platform for data analysis and research on sport and physical exercise. There is a lot of groundbreaking research being done on sport and physical activity in the Netherlands, but this is often fragmented and carried out in unstandardized ways. Sport Data Valley was created to connect all the fragmented research activities on so called knowledge islands. The digital data platform serves sport, science, government and businesses. Through Sport Data Valley we can bring the Netherlands to a higher level in the field of sport and exercise. Sport Data Valley is an initiative of Sportinnovator and aims to make the Dutch move smarter, more effective and more sustainable.

The Challenge

Our phones, smartwatches and many other ‘connected devices’ together produce a gigantic amount of data. At the same time, the possibilities of data research, such as data mining, artificial intelligence and machine learning, are growing. Although research based on data has been carried out in top-class sport for some time now, the insights gained from this data are still far from accessible to everyone because data is fragmented and research takes place on separate knowledge islands. An additional problem is that research of sports data is not standardized due to fragmentation. How could you connect all the fragemented sport research activities? How to standardize data analysis on sport and physical exercise?


The Solution

One large scalable data platform in which recreational athletes, coaches, researchers, companies, municipalities and others can safely manage, analyze and access data through a central infrastructure. Since new insights are often created by combining different data sources, various links have been made with many existing sensors, fitness apps, smartwatches and athlete management systems. The platform has been developed with ‘privacy by design’ in which the privacy, quality of the data and security of the storage and links are well taken care of. In September 2020 we went live with Sport Data Valley and at this moment we are working hard to further develop the data platform.

"We have asked many software development companies to make a proposal and Proof-of-Concept for the national Sport Data Platform. Researchable was selected for this project because they are flexible and proactive, very efficient and they exceed expectations."
Auke Damstra -
Managing Director Sport Data Valley

Collaboration with research institutes

Sport Data Valley is an initiative of Sportinnovator and is organised by the Sport Data Centre, Leiden University, TUDelft, AISS and the University of Twente.


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