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EV Biotech and Researchable collaborate for a unique database

A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend; EV Biotech and Researchable (both located at the Groningen Campus) are collaborating on the development of a unique database. The database they are creating is used for storing experiments, chemical reactions, and simulations conducted at EV Biotech. EV Biotech develops micro organisms that generate high quality molecules in a biological fashion. Researchable focuses on analysing, exchanging, and combining large quantities of data. This is an example of a symbiotic collaboration where the expertise of both put to good use.

Digital laboratry

EV Biotech produces micro-organisms to develop products like vanila and plastic in a sustainable fashion. EV Biotech is unique in the way they do this, as they do not solely rely on ‘traditional’ laboratries, but also have a digital laboratry. In this digital laboratry all celcombinations are tested before the actual, traditional, laboratry gets to work. During this process large quantities of data are generated, such as experimental data, chemical reactions, and simulations. According to Eduard van Pagée, Business developer at Researchable, "It is key to store data correctly and in a standardized fashion, as more and more data are being generated at EV Biotech every day. This is extremely important as all these data might eventually be useful to perform large-scale data analysis, and to use Artificial Intelligence technology."


Doing more with data

Researchable B.V. is a data- and software consultancy company specialized in exchanging, analyzing and combining of large quantities of data. The company was founded in 2018 by former computer scientistst of the Univeristy of Groningen to help other researchers perform better research by automating part of the data collection and analysis. As companies are also seeing the advantages of proper data collection and analysis, Researchable also started helping out companies to do more with their data. Researchable helped with various projects, such as Sport Data Valley, the Dutch national platform for sports data, and are they working on various projects for the UMCG and the University of Delft.

“We asked Researchable, as our neighbours at the Zernike Campus, to develop this special database with us. As EV Biotech generates large quantities of data, it is important to store these data as good and structured as possible, in order to apply sophisticated analyses in the future. We trust Researchable with this, which is like us, a company that has grown on the Zernike Campus.
Linda Dijkshoorn -
CEO EV Biotech

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